At Cleaners for Causes our vision is to ‘make a difference’.


We make a difference to our customers because they know that when their clothing or home wear comes to us, it’s in the safest of hands.  Our combination of skilled staff and state of the art technology, ensure we get the best possible result for you every time.  Our experience and attention to detail sets us apart.  Choose peace of mind.

We make a difference by always pushing the boundaries and looking for new ways to make life easier for you.  We can’t settle for providing outstanding cleaning; we lead the way in customer service and convenience too. You have a choice of how to access our service.  You can visit any of the high street outlets; we can collect from your home or your place of work.  Our online service means you can organize and pay for your cleaning online any time of day or night, however you can still call us on the telephone to arrange a collection if you prefer.   We’ll go the extra mile so that you don’t have to!

We make a difference to your pocket by offering an exceptional service at a competitive price.  One thing that often surprises our new customers is that our prices are competitive.  Some people make the assumption that we must charge more in order to give 15% away to local good causes.  That’s not the case!  

We make a difference to our local community by donating 15% of everything our customers spend on their cleaning to the local charities we support.  We’ve now donated over £46,000.00 and that amount grows daily. The donation is allocated depending upon how and where our service is accessed.  If you have any queries about this or would like to know specifically that your custom benefits a particular charity, then please do get in touch so that we can ensure that your wishes are carried out.