How it Works

Check to see if our VIP Bridal Service is available at your chosen wedding venue.  If your venue is not on the list don’t worry.  The service is growing all of the time and it may be it’s just not made it onto our website yet.  Drop us a line here and we’ll see what we can do.

Order and pay for your VIP Bridal Service, we take bookings up to 12 months in advance of your wedding.

We will notify your wedding venue and your wedding coordinator will advise you of where to place your wedding dress at the end of your stay.

After your big day we will collect your wedding dress from the venue, clean it, box it (if you want it boxed) and return it to you after your honeymoon at your home or place of work.

Use our online booking system to arrange the collection of your wedding from your home or workplace

We will collect your dress and clean it to perfection, box it (if you want it boxed) and return it to you at your home or place of work.

15% of the cleaning cost is donated to Fighting All Cancers Together (F.A.C.T) or Willow Burn Hospice depending on your location or preference.

At Cleaners for Causes our vision is to ‘make a difference’.


We make a difference to our brides because they know that when their wedding dress comes to us, it’s in the safest of hands.  The skill and experience of our Bridal Team, combined with our state of the art technology, makes us the first choice for many wedding professionals and countless brides.  Choose peace of mind.

We make a difference by always pushing the boundaries and looking for new ways to make life easier for you.  We can’t settle for providing outstanding cleaning; we lead the way in customer service and convenience too.  Wedding dresses can be bulky and difficult to transport – that’s why we have created our VIP Bridal Service in association with quality wedding venues. We’ll go the extra mile so that you don’t have to!

We make a difference to our local community by donating 15% of everything our customers spend on their cleaning to the local charities we support.  We’ve now donated over £30,000.00 and that amount grows daily.  It doesn’t matter if we collect your dress from a venue or from your home or workplace 15% goes to a charity.  Each of the wedding venues we work with has a page on our sister website which tells you which charity the donation goes to when the wedding dress is collected from that venue.

We make a difference to your pocket by offering a premium service at a competitive price.  Our VIP Bridal Service costs no extra than our regular service, both are great value and donate 15% to charity.  Prices still start from only £85.

‘They say that a dirty wedding dress is the sign of a fantastic day, and my dress certainly reflected how wonderful our special day turned out to be! I was sure that a huge red wine stain on the back of my precious dress was there for life, but Cleaners for Causes returned it looking as good as new. Highly recommended!’ – Lottie Clarey, Bridal Blogger (Right)

‘My dress is lovely and the service was really friendly and fab.’

Lesley Middlesmiss Lister, Director of Tyne Tees Models (Left)

I was really worried about having my wedding dress cleaned because it’s a precious vintage one.  There was no way I could replace it, because it’s so old.  I rang around and Cleaners for Causes were the only people willing to come to me to collect my dress and take it to their premises to be looked at by their cleaners, before I made any commitment.  A member of staff called me once they had looked at my dress and talked me through the process.  She told me about the risks involved in cleaning a dress like that and explained about the different techniques they could use.  I didn’t feel under any pressure to go ahead.  I knew that at that stage I could ask to have my dress returned to me and I’d have incurred no cost.  I went ahead and had my dress cleaned and it came out amazing.  They’re not just great cleaners; their customer care is the best.


I did wonder whether it was worth getting my wedding dress cleaned or whether to just pop it in the attic the way it was with everything else, after all the only real obvious signs of wear was at the bottom as the train was dragged around the floor.

After researching local dry cleaners it amazed me that many high street branches didn’t have adequate insurance for wedding garments and were telling me it would likely be damaged if they cleaned it due to the beading and detail.

I’m so glad I discovered Cleaners for Causes and that they specialise in wedding garments.
The dress came back absolutely spotless, in fact it looks as good as the day I picked it up from the shop!
Since then I always recommend them to all the couples I’ve worked with, and will continue to recommend them to everyone!

Thank you very much!

Gemma Jay
Creator & Director
Wedding Handbook Limited

Meet Angie


I’m Angie the Senior Technician at Cleaners for Causes Bridal.  I’ve been cleaning wedding dresses for over 20 years and I love my job.  Every wedding dress is precious and that’s why me and my team look after every single one as if it belonged to a daughter or best friend.  We pride ourselves on always getting the best possible result.

If you would like to chat to me about any aspect of cleaning or boxing your wedding dress then you can request a call back from me here.