How to buy a bridal package

How do I buy a Bridal Package?

You can purchase a Bridal Package online now by clicking  HERE

You can EMAIL us for further information about other methods of payment.

You can call 0845 9002931 and leave a message.  Someone will get back to you the next working day if not before.

Is there anything I must check first?

If you would like to take advantage of the collection and delivery service offered with all of our Bridal Packages then please check that you live or work (depending upon where you would like collection from) in one of the postcode areas below.

NE1 – NE18  NE20 – NE47

NE49 – NE60 NE62 NE63 NE64

NE 65 and NE61 part covered email for confirmation


All SR postcodes

DL1 DL2 DL3 DL4 DL5 DL12 DL14 DL15 DL16 DL17

TS1 – TS5 TS16 – TS29

If you do not live in one of our postcode areas but would still like to use our service, we would be delighted to discuss courier options and price adjustment with you.

How will my dress be returned to me?

Your dress will be returned to you in either your own bridal dress cover or a polythene wedding dress cover.  These coverings are not suitable for long term storage, for this we recommend specially designed storage boxes.

After much research we decided not to stock long term dress storage boxes.  There are so many amazing boxes on the market now that we felt you may like to choose your own rather than being restricted to a particular range or style.

We’ve taken a lot of the hard work out of it for you though; when you buy your Bridal Package we will send your personal voucher together with details of lots of different stockists.

If you do decide to store your dress in a box, we would be happy to collect it from you at the time we collect your dress and our experienced staff will fold your dress and present it in a professional way