What is Hygge?



 It’s a Danish concept with no direct translation to our language.  The best way I can think to describe it would be cosy living, warmth, happiness and togetherness – combined to have a positive impact on life as a whole.  That might sound a bit  trite but considering Denmark has come out in many surveys as the happiest country in the world, perhaps there’s something in it!

Armed with a copy of The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking – which incidentally is a wonderful coffee table book with many heartwarming illustrations – I set out to turn up the Hygge in my family.


Time outdoors



We’ve wrapped up warm and headed outdoors more.  It’s sometimes hard to make that push when it’s chilly, but it’s definitely worth it, even if only for the joy of heading back indoors with rosy cheeks for a steaming hot chocolate.


Screen free time

We’ve never been ones for lots of screen time but we’ve invested in more family games in the last year or so and most have been a big hit.  Some of our favourites are Dobble, Labyrinth, Five Second Rule, Forbidden Island and Ingenious.
There’s also something quite special about all curling up on the sofa under a nice fresh throw and listening to an audio book.  Many friends rave about Audible.  We’ve not made it that far yet as we’ve found lots of good free ones on YouTube. We all enjoyed Animal Farm recently and we’re currently listed going to a Christmas Carol.


Comfort food


What can I say, we’ve had no difficulty whatsoever in embracing a culture of Danish Pastries and hot chocolate!  Then of course there’s the hearty stews you can pop in the slow cooker before going out to work, baked potatoes, homemade bread and more.  Comfort food is only limited by your imagination.


Natural lighting

If you’ve not already invested in side lights, scented candles and warm glow fairy lights then the time is now!  The difference soft warm lighting can make to a room is remarkable.  I love to read and crochet but I’ve found a small focused light is much more effective than strong overhead lighting.  You can still do fiddly crafts without loosing the warm ambiance.


Good company

Company is so important, but choose it wisely.  It’s almost twenty years since a lady told me, ‘There are two kinds of people in this world; radiators and drains.  Radiators give out joy, comfort and compassion.  Drains suck all of that away.’  I’ve never forgotten her words.  Choose radiators and ditch the drains!




Wishing you a Hygge-tastic time full of comfort and warmth x


All images are photographs of pages from “The Little Book of Hygge” by Meik Wiking – Available from Amazon and High St book stores.